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8:15 AM - 5:00 PM Sunday - Friday
Nakkhu Lalitpur, Nepal
Hired in 18 Jun 2011

''Bikes were great, we really enjoyed, will hire next year again.''

- Suraj & Madan, UK
Enfield 350cc
Hired in 10th - 26 oct 11

''We enjoyed our holiday cruising on your Royal Enfield around Nepal. No problem! recommend to others! Cheers Bikemandu''

- Roy & Andy, UK
Enfield classic 350cc
Hired in 07/01/2012

''I have had issues before with rented motorcycles that have had engine problems and reliability problems due to excessive use, but Bikemandu made my holiday smooth and enjoyable by providing almost new Enfield 350cc classic.'' Thank you

- AD Brian (Ireland)
Enfield 350cc
Hired in 18 Jan - 24 Jan 2012

''AD, Thank you very much for all this help, making itinerary and advise. No comment for bike, it was so reliable''

- Elliot, USA
Royal Enfiel Bullet 500cc
Hired in Feb 1 - Feb 5

''it was very convenient and very nice to do business with you. The bike was perfect and I think it is still perfect ! Thank you again''

- Best regards / Cordialement Thierry SUEUR (France)
Royal Enfiel Bullet 500cc
Hired in Feb 1 - Feb 5

''it was very convenient and very nice to do business with you. The bike was perfect and I think it is still perfect ! Thank you again'

- Best regards / Cordialement Thierry SUEUR (France)
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500
Hired in 25 Feb - 14 March 2012

'' The bike was so reliable, no problem on the way to Mustang and other parts of Nepal, had successful and memorable tour of Nepal on Royal Enfield 500cc from Bikemandu''

- Paul & Janet (Australia)
Royal Enfield Bullect Classic 500
Hired in 20 March - 7 April 2012

''The bikes were almost new and very reliable, had great riding and recommend to every one''

- Jason and Anna (USA)
Royal Enfield Electra 350cc
Hired in 18 March - 30 March 2012

'' Had great tour on Royal Enfield 350cc to Jomsom, bike is very reliable, had good experience to ride enfield off road although I am dirt biker''

- Rony (Germany)
2 x Royal Enfield Classic 500cc
Hired in 04 April - 25 April 2012

''Great Bikes at reasonable price, good value for money, went up to Muktinath and Kagbeni, it was adventure ride over high land in Nepal, recommend Bikemandu to others''

- Peter & Lennart (Holland)
Royal Enfield Classic 350cc
Hired in 24 April - 28 April 2012

'' It was great bike without fault on the tour, very reliable and had fun with it'' Thank you

- Mark Nocholas Wilson (New Zealand)
Royal Enfield Classic 500cc
Hired in 24 April - 07 May 2012

'' Thank you AD for providing new bike, My wife and I had fantastic tour, no problem, will be back again and recommend to friends''

- Daniel Sydney Aber ( Northampton, UK)
Royal Enfield Classic 350cc
Hired in 26 May - 05 Jun 2012

''Had great ride and enjoyed stay in Nepal, very reliable bike, will recommend to friends and all''

- Jose (Spain)
Royal Enfield Classic 500cc
Hired in 05 Jun - 09 Jun 2012

''Thank you AD for your help about route and very nice reliable Enfield 500cc that made my tour enjoyable and success, strongly recommend to every one to use Bikemandu''

- Alexander (Germany)
Royal Enfield Electra 350cc
Hired in 12 Jul - 20 Jul 2012

'' It was great visit in Nepal and bike was reliable''

- Vilmar
Royal Enfield 500cc
Hired in 22 Aug - 24 Aug 2012

'' We really had great ride to Kodari, Bike was good and reliable, recommend to others as well''

- Agnieszka (USA)
Bajaj Avenger 220cc
Hired in 22 Sep - 16 Oct 2012

'' Thank you Bikemandu for providing such a reliable and new bike, I had enjoyable great tour, look forward to use your service again''

- Ohad (Israel)
Royal Enfield 500cc
Hired in 17 Oct - 30 Oct 2012

'' Bikemandu, your bike has been so reliable so my plan to go around places in Nepal was successful and enjoyable.'Thank you''

- Marat (Kazakhstan)
Royal Enfield 500cc
Hired in 03 Nov - 12 Nov 2012

'' I thank you for your good service and bike, no problem at all, had great tour on your Enfield''

- Nicola (Italy)
Avenger 220
Hired in 26 Dec 12 - 24 Jan 2013

'' Tour was great , no problem at all with a bike, very reliable''

- Simon
Royal Enfield 500cc
Hired in 17 Jan - 19 Jan 2013

'' Bike was as described like new, modern Enfield with normal gears and reliable, recommend to others''.

- Mathew
Honda XR 250
Hired in 06 Feb - 07 Feb 2013

'' Good bike, good service, good value for money, definitely return to Nepal for next tour on New Enfield 500cc''

- Chris
3 x Avengers 220
Hired in 09 - 15 March 2013

''Bikes from Bikemandu were all great, no problem!''

- Chris & friends (Holland)
Enfield 350CC
Hired in 15 - 28 March 2013

'' Great riding experience achieved in Nepal using good bike from Bikemandu, recommend to others''

- Hosken (USA)
Enfield 350 x 2
Hired in 27/04 - 02/05/2013

''Good bikes, no problem to go to Jomsom, had challenging lower Mustang trip on Enfield, great experience!''

- Gianbattista & friend (Italy)
Enfield 350 Electra
Hired in 05 - 19 May 2013

''Thank you Bikemandu, you made our dream come true, we had great royal Enfield riding to Mustang (Jomsom, Kagbeni & Muktinath) 3,800 Metres''

- Rod (Australia)
Enfield 350CC x 2
Hired in 05 - 13 Jun 2013

'' It was new experience and pleasure cruising around Nepal on your Royal Enfields, thank you for your service'''

- Michael & friend (Germany)
Royal Enfield 350 Classic
Hired in 12 - 22 Sep 2013

''Thank you for your support Mr Gurung, it was a grea trip, I will definitely use your bike again''

- I Komang Bauy Antara (Indonesia)
Royal Enfield 350/500 Battle Green
Hired in 05/01/14 - 10/Feb/14

''Thank you Bikemandu, I had great riding on your Enfield especially Battlegreen is the real bullet look. Great Bikes!''

- Prithvi Chetry (Hongkong, NRN)
Royal Enfield Classic 500 cc x 2
Hired in 12 - 22 March 2014

'''Thank you Bikemandu for providing us good bikes and made our Mustang Tour successful'''

- Umar & Bagaribh (Singapore)
Royal Enfield Classic 500 CC
Hired in 19 - 26 Apr 2014

'' Had great and trouble free-riding on your Enfield and recommend others to use your bikes, Thank you'''

- Neil (Canada)
Royal Enfield Classic 500 cc
Hired in 21 - 30 Sep 2014 - (Kathmandu - Lhasa Via Mt Everest Base Camp)

''Bikemandu Nepal is the amazing company who went with!! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to go for a ride. Hapy to provide reference and details!! Thanks again.''

- Mr George Papadopoulos & Friends
Royal Enfield 500 CC
Hired in 14 - 21 Oct 2014

' Amar, what a beautiful country you have. Nice, safe, beautiful ride today here to Pokhara. Thank you for a great trip''

- Mr Robert Clarke (USA)
Royal Enfield 350 CC
Hired in 16 - 25 Feb 2015

' Really had a good trip in Nepal on Enfield you have provided. It is a very reliable bike indeed. Thanks a lot ! Bikemandu.

- Scot (Australia)
Royal Enfield 500 CC
Hired in 25 Mar - 08 Apr

We enjoyed riding central Nepal cruising Enfield 500 EFI for two weeks. It was fantastic trip in Nepal'

- James (UK)
Royal Enfield 500
Hired in 8 - 12 Apr

Thank you Bikemandu, had great riding to Tatopani.

- Ruth (Australia)
Royal Enfield 500 EFI
Hired in 12 - 20 Sep 15

I am very happy with your service and professionalism, definitely recommend to my friends and other users. Thank you Bikemandu!

- Manuel (USA)
Royal Enfield 500 EFI
Hired in 23 - 29 Nov 15

Thank you Bikemandu for your support for the Mustang Tour 2015, We had very good time riding to one of the world's baddest off road. great memories!!

- Noor, Samantha & friends Singapore/Malaysia
Honda XR250/Bullet 500
Hired in 02 - 14 March 2016

"We had a great trip in Nepal on your motorbikes and happy with your professional service, Thank you"

- Lothar & Friend Germany
Royal Enfield 500 EFI
Hired in April 2019

Very good bunch of guys. We did 800 Kms in Nepal, no issues at all. Very good communication. Highly recommended!

- Robert Oberman, UK