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8:15 AM - 5:00 PM Sunday - Friday
Nakkhu Lalitpur, Nepal

Bikemandu offers motorcycle rental, motorcycle tour and tour rentals in Nepal. Our fleet comprises of a fleet of Royal Enfield motorcycle, Honda 250 enduro and rental car. Bikemandu is a small family enterprise, established as being motorbike enthusiasts. We like classic motorcycle to travel around the Himalayan Kingdom to explore beautiful Nepal, multi-cultures, and traditions of Nepalese people. We welcome all bikers of any sex and ethnic group whether beginner, intermediate or advanced from any part of the world to spend your precious time in this small paradise, Nepal. It is well known as the country of Mt. Everest, the highest peak of the world and the birthplace of ‘Lord Buddha’.

We are from charitable family background. We love our country, hospitable tourism services & humanitarian works – most significantly helping underprivileged children. These children are either orphans, members of deserted or extravagantly poor families at remote areas who have been living rigorous life caused by unfavorable acts of nature and human being. We believe all children have potential to make their future bright that will definitely lead to form a better country. Therefore, every child must be given rights to join the school at the right age. We fully support child labor act and organizations that run campaigns against child labor. 

Nepal is a country with many deserted families living under poverty in shadows. These families are struggling for basic needs to survive. Whilst in their restless effort to find sources for living, their children get forced to be deprived from most important power of life ‘Education’ in the current competitive world. As a token of humanity and being a positive supporter in educating children for their goodness, we have been donating our profits regularly to provide a little help to the most needier in the remote communities for basic necessities to survive and to encourage them to ease rights of their children to go to schools. 

As a memory of our remarkable work, we also would like to share our friends and supporters that we have supported the Gurkha Welfare Trust more than a decade. GWT is a charity that provides welfare to Gurkha veterans and their families in all parts of Nepal.