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8:15 AM - 5:00 PM Sunday - Friday
Nakkhu Lalitpur, Nepal

As a business service provider, our main effort is to bring our quality motorbike rental service, organise memorable motorcycle tours and adventures to everyone, whether individual or group from any parts of the world at competitive prices with full customer satisfaction. 

How are we doing?
Our relation is growing satisfactorily with our valued customers, who are our beloved friends supporting us to stay survive in the current small motorcycling touring market in Nepal. We also organise occasional motorcycle tours from Kathmandu to many parts of Nepal and abroad with our customers and Bikemandu club members who are fond of traveling, exploring, motorbike enthusiasts and humanitarian by hearts. We also believe our service gives our valued customers and club members exciting and memorable experiences of riding to many of the world’s exotic places. We hope all our rider’s wonderful experiences of riding in and out of Nepal with us will definitely get shared to other enthusiasts in the wider world that shall lead to a contribution to the inbound tourism of Nepal. We fully support all road safety campaigns and work together head to head with Bikemandu club for the safer road for everyone in Nepal.  

As being part of the human community and passion for humanitarianism, our objective is to make unlimited satisfied customers, supporters and club members in order to achieve our mission for the continuous contribution to some extent in basic needs of deserted and the most needier families at remote places, most importantly to encourage those families to ease rights of their children to join schools. Simultaneously, provision of educational materials to most needier schools for the help of their students from disadvantaged communities is also our mission. 

We believe, every little helps definitely empower the children in gaining better education for a better life and a better country. Our priority goal is to create an opportunity for every child to join school for prosperous future and flourished country. 

Our future goals:

Finding and creating ways of earning basic necessities of life within dwelling environment of most needy communities at remote areas primarily
– Organize and run campaigns together with our friends, customers, and supporters in coordination with local authorities and Bikemandu club members to deliver these ideas and help these helpless to change their lives and let their children go to schools regularly for education.
– To educate the needier community, how important is education for their children
– Let all children join schools in wider Nepal
– Work in support of educational development organizations in wider Nepal for better education of the children
– To build our service network internationally to enlist more international club members and create good public relations for supporting us in good work. 
– To help all needier and social worker with the fund made from our business services and donations of supporters to create more happy faces, more educated citizens and definitely better country.