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8:15 AM - 5:00 PM Sunday - Friday
Nakkhu Lalitpur, Nepal

Welcome to Bikemandu Club page:

“Feeling thrill on Bullet together is probably best riding experience of the life!“

Bikemandu Motorcycle Club has formed to gather all motorcycle enthusiast and travel lovers for creating brotherhood feeling between each others and to create positive image of motorcycling to the community and also to the country by working together for good. Riding with Bikemandu Motorcycle club will definitely give you opportunity for motorcycling experience for fun and porposeful rides. The club will provide free motorcycling coaching to all interested new riders in the community and all part of Nepal with the objective to assist in reducing traffic accident to make safer road to all the road users and pedestrians. The club is also committed to support any campaign that introduces and promotes road safety measures in Nepal.

BMC aims:

  • Run traffic awareness campaign biyearly for the public in the vulnerable community to contribute in making safer road for all.
  • To be a responsible club to provide coaching to all new riders to assit in creating safer road by encouraging to follow traffic rules.
  • Encourage and engage in local and inter-regional tourism through the organization of motorcycle rides.
  • Develop world-class rider training programs.
  • Encourage motorcycle use as an environmentally responsible and cost-effective alternative to the car for short distance travel and daily work commuting.
  • Organize motorcycle riding events to exotic destinations with purpose of helping and donating the needier in the rural community for education of their children and to encourage inbound tourism.
  • Organize charity and social events whilst for the benefit of the wider community. Ride4help campaign!
  • Affiliate, communicate and cooperate with international and regional motorcycle organizations and to liaise with foreign national motorcycle associations.

Objective: BMC main objective is to create a safer road environment for all in wider Nepal and run ride4help charity event yearly for all bikers with heart to donate for the real needy up in the inaccessible mountains or plain of poor. Every little helps does a big change! Why not you be a part of it?

BMC membership advantages:

  • Members privilege card
  • 5% Members discount on motorcycle rental
  • Free checkup of your bike
  • 1 free service after 4 service every time in BMW (Parts not included)
  • Free entry to BMC purposeful events
  • Interact with bikers group
  • Opportunity to ride of your dream
  • Opportunity to Help and stay happy

Want to to a BMC Member? We are different! So make yourself different! We do fun rides with good purpose!

Membership Application: Enthusiast Bikers and Royal Enfield owners can send your application for brotherhood/membership tie up. Be a member:

Membership Condition: You must have a motorcycle of atleast 200CC with valid license and not below age 18.