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Royal Enfield Motorcycle, what you need to know?

Royal Enfield Classic motorcycles are the iconic iron horses of the Himalayas, leaving a deep emotional imprint on riders for over a century. The ride experience, the majestic feel of its quality retro look, and the instant creation of a bond with the machine always make a perfect memory after you complete a trip. However, to every good thing, there must be some flaws because no one or nothing is perfect in this world. A few things to consider and you are ready to hit the Himalayan roads on the legendary Royal Enfield, which is one of the oldest surviving motorcycle brands in the world.
Want to Ride Royal Enfield? 

Despite its retrospective look, legendary legacy and appealing to you, it needs a little care to make it your satisfying reliable company.

Royal Enfield rear Sprocket: Unlike other motorcycles, the Royal Enfield Bullet rear sprocket is a little fragile and tends to get broken on the following occasions: if gear is not properly used according to speed and terrain.

Maximum Spinning of wheels on off road while going rough uphill:

Precaution: Get on 1st gear and use the torque of a 500 CC single to gently glide over the rough uphill at possibly low engine rpm. Because the Royal Enfield 350 has less torque than the Royal Enfield 500, it requires more revving and constant momentum while ascending a high gradient dirt road and may feel a little underpowered.

Misuse or stunts: 

Royal Enfield is not purposely built for stunts and misuse. No matter what level of riding skill you have, the ride becomes more enjoyable, adventurous, and indelible if you ride without hurry, blunder, or crazy actions, and consistently flow with traffic.

Treat Gently, avoid mistreats:

Royal Enfields are not meant to ride 0–60 kmph in under 4 secs or even 6–7–8 seconds. They are purposely built for smooth cruising with gentle accelerations, that beautifully reflects your classic gentleman’s outlook. Better avoid sudden full throttle accelerations on Royal Enfield as it gives lagging response. You know it’s a retro classic motorcycle. If you are fond of sudden acceleration, KTM, Honda, Yamaha, BMW would be the perfect thumbs up for that matter. RE’s engine and engines like that of Honda’s are poles apart. 

In Nepal, Motorcycle parts are expensive in comparison to other neighbouring countries or probably than all over the world:

If you fall down, the bill will be waiting for you according to the damage. In the event of a fall down on land, do not rush to start your bike immediately. Make sure you are calm first, have no injuries, and are fit to ride. Get the bike on a stand properly. Reset the ignition key and wait for at least 1 minute before starting the bike. Seek help if necessary! In the event of a fall while crossing water, and if the engine is switched off, never attempt to start the bike in the water. Get the bike out of the water, then let it dry before starting. Starting a motorcycle in the water after falling down can seriously damage the fuel system and air intake system, which consequently damages the engine seriously.

How to start Royal Enfield motorcycle?

Seek free mechanical assistant from Bikemandu Motorcycle Club  “BME”HUB

Basic tips are listed below, if you struggle with starting your motorcycle. For combustion, an engine needs three fundamentals: fuel, air, and electricity.

  1. Remove the fuel tank lid to let trapped air out of the tank. The trapped air can create a vacuum and prevent the passage of fuel from the fuel tank to the engine.
  2. Check the fuel level by rocking the bike left and right, sometime fuel indicator can be faulty.
  3. Check that the spark plug is securely connected.
  4. Check that the air hose from the air filter box to the carburettor or throttle body to the engine is properly connected.
  5. Check the electricity by pressing the horn. beeps, the motorcycle has electricity.
  6. If a motorcycle is carbureted, check that the fuel supply switch under the tank is not in the “OFF” position. The fuel supply switch must be either “ON” or “Reserve” if less fuel remains in the tank.
  7. If your motorcycle has a kick lever, lubricate the piston and cylinder wall by kicking the lever a couple of times.
  8. Press the start button for 1–3 seconds after turning on the red ignition button.

Motorcycle Starts: Let it warm up for 2 minutes before the ride

Motorcycle doesn’t start:

8a. Motorcycle is EFI and  has choke lever. Press the lever then repeat no 8. Motorcycle starts. Let it warm up for 2 minute before the ride.

Motorcycle doesn’t start: Repeat the procedure 8a. Use kick start for better efficacy!

8b. Motorcycle has Carburettor. Pull the choke lever at the carburettor then repeat no 8

Motorcycle doesn’t start: Repeat the procedure 8a. Use kick start for better efficacy!

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